Steve Sunderland

Steve Sunderland

AFP#13 | 2015 – 2016

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Program Specialist

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The people you meet during the Alfa Fellowship will change your life. The program leadership and staff ensure your personal wellbeing and afford you every opportunity to achieve professional development goals from the time they pick you up from the airport upon arrival. Rest assured that your fellow fellows are selected with care. This is good and necessary because you will spend an enormous amount of time with them exploring hidden gems in Moscow; soaking up the uniqueness of St. Petersburg; taking in the white nights on an overnight boat ride across Lake Onega; sweating in a banya in Suzdal; gazing at the northern lights from the shore of the White Sea; watching the Superbowl at a local youth American football club in Murmansk; taking photos on snowdrifts and swimming in the Black Sea in Sochi on the same day; and so much more.  

The Alfa network is composed of intelligent, fun-loving professionals dedicated to learning about and working across Russia and the Europe and Eurasia region. The people you meet as part of the program will become life-long friends and colleagues. For this reason, I can’t recommend the Alfa Fellowship Program highly enough.