Scott Richards

Scott Richards

AFP#7 | 2009 – 2010

Current place of employment:

responsAbility Investments AG



Placement on Fellowship:


Prior to the Alfa Fellowship, I was immensely fascinated by Russia but had virtually no direct experience of the country or language. The Fellowship was a brilliant and life-changing experience that permanently altered my career direction. Since the Fellowship, I have been deeply engaged with businesses in Russia and across the region, working in private investments & private equity with a focus on Russia and the broader Russian-speaking world.

The Alfa Fellowship was essential in making that transition, and the experiences and cultural understanding that the program opened up have been a tremendous asset throughout. I remain tied closely to Russia by friendships built during the program, from annual January trips to Omsk for the Siberian Ice Marathon to currently helping a former Russian instructor launch a YouTube channel focused on Russian language for business & finance (after her incredible patience with my dismal Russian years ago, it was the least I could do).

The Alfa Fellowship was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the friendships and experiences that I built through the program are priceless.