Potential Host Companies

The Alfa Fellowship Program is a high-level professional development program that each year brings up to 18 American, British, and German young professionals with considerable expertise to Moscow to both experience the Russian work culture and to contribute their knowledge in a professional setting. Fellows’ backgrounds and interests are diverse, but generally lie in the areas of business, economics, journalism, law, public policy, art/cultural management or related fields. Fellows are required to have a Bachelor’s degree, at least two to three years of work experience, a strong interest in Russian and Eurasian affairs, exceptional academic and professional credentials, and proven personal initiative and leadership skills in order to qualify for the program. If your organization is interested in hosting an Alfa Fellow and thus utilizing the potential of these outstanding young leaders, please review the information below.

Work placement details and host company responsibilities:

  • Fellows receive a stipend from the Alfa Fellowship Program and are not permitted to accept monetary compensation from the host institution.
  • The work placement portion of the Alfa Fellowship Program runs from October to April. Exact dates are to be arranged with program administration and the Fellow directly.                                                           *Due to the pandemic, dates are subject to change.
  • The host institution is expected to honor the Alfa Fellowship Program schedule and the Fellow’s commitment to the program. The Fellow should be permitted to take time off in order to attend program-related events, including regional trips.
  • Prior to the start of the work placement, the host institution is required to provide an outline of tasks and/or projects to be completed by the Fellow and is expected to create a sufficient volume of work in order to take full advantage of the Fellow’s capabilities.
  • The host institution is expected to treat the Fellow as a regular full-time employee as much as possible and to utilize the Fellow’s professional expertise. Alfa Fellows are young professionals, interested in working on high-level assignments and eager to contribute to their workplace.
  • The Fellow must be provided with adequate work space in the host company’s office, which should include a computer the Fellow can use during business hours and an assigned desk, located in close proximity to other employees to allow the Fellow to better integrate into the host company.

Fellow’s responsibilities:

  • The Fellow must be present at the host company on a regular full-time basis, or as required by supervisors, to be punctual and to attend all required work-related events, provided they do not interfere with previously arranged Alfa Fellowship Program events.
  • The Fellow is expected to behave in a professional manner in accordance with the corporate environment of the host institutions and to abide by all rules and regulations established by his/her host company.
  • The Fellow agrees not to share any information acquired during the professional assignment with any third party without the consent of the host institution.

Alfa Fellowship Program work placements are arranged with the help of the Fund for International Fellowships and Cultural Dialogue, which administers the program in Moscow. In order to host an Alfa Fellow at your organization, please contact Liliya Adamova, the Fund’s Manager, by email: adamova@alfafellowship.ru, or phone: +7 495 981 8412 and provide the following information:

  1. Your company’s name, contact information and contact person’s details
  2. Desired area of expertise and /or skills the Fellow must possess for a successful work placement at your company
  3. Brief description of the tasks or projects the Fellow would be expected to work on

Upon receiving this information, Ms. Adamova will contact you to review your proposal in detail and to discuss the possibility of an Alfa Fellow completing his/her professional assignment at your company.

For general inquiries about the program, please contact: alfa@culturalvistas.org.